A very personal blog


for someone who’s obsessed with leaking out too much crap in the web, this layout is too serious. now i’m looking for something to rip-off. something plainer. hehe

i’ve been lurking around here, reading my archives, hating myself for hating too much specially during highschool, then hating myself more for excessively bastardizing the two languages i speak (then and now).

it’s been too boring. after my power siesta, i rushed to the tv to see if i can still catch up on heart and jc, but found out they’re done for the day. i tuned in to maxene and glaiza, and bud brothers instead — airing simultaneously on rival channels. i’m having a hard time remembering the program titles cos they sound all too similar. and they’re too cheesy, but i watch them because i admire the antagonists. glaiza outshines maxene in every way, she’s prettier and has more spunk (some call it character). maxene always looks sick and she has bad angles. arci has more appeal than heart. hahaha to jc de vera and patrick garcia, wish you were taller. oh and wendy (whose wig sucks) as a nerd psychologist tops.

no plans for tomorrow.