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Month: June 2009

  • scouting

    for someone who’s obsessed with leaking out too much crap in the web, this layout is too serious. now i’m looking for something to rip-off. something plainer. hehe i’ve been lurking around here, reading my archives, hating myself for hating too much specially during highschool, then hating myself more for excessively bastardizing the two languages…

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  • yugto

    i need a reason to go to LB. yung mabigat! uh, refund? hindi e, deposit lang katapat non. T_T; haaay, i miss you LB. LB lang! hindi UPLB. hahaha

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  • ayoko talaga mag-uniform e

    just got home from my cousin’s 18th birthday celebration! grabe, i literally threw up because of overeating. hahaha then kinuyog pa namin yung imported chocolates na regalo sa kanya… hahaha sarap! 😀 😀 😀 i’m obsessed with my french reviews. see, i even had to consult google translate to know what my readers think about…

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  • conservative

    man, you’re still in highschool and you’re already clubbing like crazy! that’s a bit off, for me ah, to see my multiply inbox flooded with how you wasted yourself partying at fiammas and meeting equally juvenile friends at the embassy. you fake your IDs and try hard to look collegiate for a taste of party…

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  • crap

    school, hospital, megamall, birthday. 🙂 school – ok lang. haha. eto na, nagsisimula na kong magsawa. nanlumo ako kanina dahil kala ko eto na ang simula ng pagkatalo ko sa reci (tambak!) hahahaha, pero hindi parin. naks. HAHA hospital – ok lang din. got a flu shot. 🙂 duty si cousin! haha nakatipid kmi sa…

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  • how could i fail so much doing something i like?

    my other classmates have already been notified that they passed the test! 🙁 i haven’t received anything yet. which sucks because i was hoping to get in and finally have something better to do than sleep the whole afternoon and spend every night online. oh well. i miss meg cabot and her hillariously dumb writing.…

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