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my second godchild

early this morning we drove to sta. rosa to attend my godchild’s (my cousin’s baby) baptismal and house blessing. 🙂 it was an unexpectedly short trip from qc to sta. rosa, only took us an hour! their subdivision is just in front of enchanted kingdom. weow. anyway 🙂 here are some pictures…

waaaaiiii!! so cute! 😀

gianne alexa, welcome to the christian world! 😀

on another note, i was so amazed by my cousin because at a young age of 30, he has already provided a house and lot, plus a car for his family! isn’t that wonderful to be so young and established?

i admire him so much for that 🙂

whew. this day probably ends my busiest vacation week. 4 days of training plus a saturday affair really wore me out, but not really…just exagerrating. hehe this is, by the way, also my last vacation week because my classes starts at the 26th so i’ll probably be busier by then.

then again, not really! cos my schedule is so awesome hahaha