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Month: May 2009

  • i ran out of bleach eps to waaaatch!!! grrr

    BECAUSE the dvd stopped at episode 151, right when they were already fighting with arrancars at hueco mundo! sucks biiiiig time!!! WHICH IS WHY… tomorrow, my sister and i, BY ALL MEANS, will buy dvds.and by dvds… we mean… bleachangels and demonsi am legend (if there’s no AnD) i wanted to buy more dvds… like… Continue reading

  • yo france!

    this is crazy! my fic is much appreciated in france now! 5 chapters, 70 reviews (and counting!), and 3,000++ hits! that’s beyond awesome! for me ha! course, i’m keeping my standards low. i usually wait until i get 10 or more reviews per chapter before i update. it also helps gauge the popularity of the… Continue reading

  • hm

    #1: you complain too much. what are those bible verses for??? i don’t like your blogging bragging style. you complain, you site verses, then you calm down. one your next entry, you complain more, you site more verses and calm down. you never change. you sound like a hypocrite. #2: i dunno if it’s just… Continue reading

  • bleach!!!

    gosh! i’m nearing the end of my dvd! less than 10 episodes to go before i have to buy a new one! T___T;; i feel pretty sad cos i only scored 30% (6/20) on my bestfriend’s how well do you know me quiz part 2! 🙁 it was hard! : lol -_- hm hm’s… Continue reading

  • upperclass idiots

    maybe when i get my uniform, i’ll stop being mean. i’m getting super interested with C programming, even though we haven’t started doing the real thing yet (and i might suck at it too). the only thing i hate is that i can only borrow books from the library during the afternoon…and most of the… Continue reading

  • 1,2,3 fitness firsts visited! XD

    excluding my home club of course. i’ll be freezing my account soon, probably tomorrow. i need the time to save money and to look for a job. 🙂 oh yes, i’m inspired by the sony dsc-w120/canon ixus 80is and yeah, a laptop. so, i’ve been to fitness first sm north, sm megamall and just now,… Continue reading