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Month: April 2009

  • pontefino

    wait waaaiiiitt!!! bago ko makalimutan. i had a super nice dream na mejo nagddisolve na utak ko so… yung crush ko. πŸ™‚ napanaginipan ko uli! hehe twice pa lang naman, the first time was parang nagbabasa kami ng libro…di ko alam kung ano basta sweet! πŸ™‚ yung second time (kanina), we were with everybody, andun… Continue reading

  • watching: special a

    late night entry! πŸ™‚ we went to the gym awhile ago. πŸ™‚ate very veggie plato wraps and tokyo2x’s ninja wraps. haha ang takaw. XP btw.mejo galit akoso it’s pretty nasty and rude and judgmental right on the cuti’m kinda pissed off with this guywho the heck? this guy sells fifa world cup lanyards at his… Continue reading

  • short

    april 23 (thursday): went to elbi with my sister to help her prepare for her gradball that afternoon. then that night i attended our org gradball, in tribute to our 36 graduating brods and sisses this year. πŸ™‚ april 24 (friday): celebrated hannah’s 17th bday at trinoma. ate dinner at tokyo tokyo then watched 17… Continue reading

  • this is where i work

    right now i’m just working on the floor with a shelf’s 2nd level as my desk. anyway, i’m still waiting for a table. πŸ™‚ hehe, soon. our climate is really fucked up right now. it’s raining in the middle of the summer! and it’s not artificial rain! it’s real rain! kuya kim says there’s an… Continue reading

  • still not giving up!

    these are draft plans, things i want to do in the future but haven’t fully decided on them…yet. 1. i’m not gonna leave my passion for art behind. i’ll probably get a certificate course in fine arts after i earn a bachelor’s degree. 2. i also want to get into a decent writing workshop. i… Continue reading

  • no definite plans yet

    i’m getting old and i’m still playing the whole UP’s not too hard to accept that i’m not really cut out to carry such honor of being an iska. if, in fact, it is indeed honorable. after failing the CFA-TDT, my life was yet again brought back to a big blur. though it was… Continue reading