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a. certificate in fine arts – visual communication
b. bachelor in interior design


watdaaaa?!?! why do i always get the worst choices?! can’t it be bachelor in fine arts ALONE?!?!?!

whew. i have the weirdest academic case. i’m giving up my current bachelor’s degree for a certificate course in my preferred field of study. a certificate course. CERT! -_____-;

pride pare.
pride! iba ang pride ng bachelor’s degree.
iba ang yabang ng engineering.

in fact, i’ve realized something. after lots of psychoanalyzing kung bkt kahit sa mga ktulad kong hindi namamayagpag ang acads ay masungit si col. sec… narealize kong may rason kung bakit kahit mga bobo ay kinukulong ng CEAT. weh!

kasi, mga uri talaga namin ang pinagyayabang nila!!! bakit ba mayabang ang ceat? kasi maraming bumabagsak. sino ba yung mga bumabagsak? ako yun! kami yun!

grabe. simple logic lang pala ang dahilan nila.

but i dooooooon’t care.

i have just set new goals for myself for the coming schoolyear.

by God, i will get into the certificate program of fine arts (vis com) and work on my grades (for 3 years) to reach the quota for bachelorship (no such term but you should get what it means). when i get there, i shall work for 1 more year (thesis) and earn my bachelor’s degree.

sad thing is, i want to do a lot of things while in diliman. and my most anticipated exco activity would be getting into the swim team. thing is, i don’t know if they accept students under the certificate program. sana nga diba.

aside from that, i want my own business. i want to earn while in college. that would be tremendously helpful because i’m excited to get a digital camera, those steadler felt tip pens, a whole bunch of charcoal pens, a set of kurecolor pens (which comes in a 1000+ each!!!!) AND A TABLET.

then there’s the BS ID thing. it’s equally tempting because it’s a bachelor’s degree and it’s INTERIOR DESIGNING. freakin cool. since i gathered that my family couldn’t get enough fortune to bring me to PSID (which i just concluded myself)…this came as a feasible option to me as well. and i heard that that their only grade requirement is 2.50 CWA. works well for me.

whatever happens. i shall graduate. whew.