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Month: March 2009


    because i need to clear my head. soooo many bad things are happening to me right now, i don’t know where to start narrating them all. i need time to get over these things. >____>; this stress better make me lose weight. maybe i’ll be back after april 17. who knows.

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  • cameraaaaaaa

    i was really suspecting why the canon ixus 80is i saw at ebay costs only 9500-9700, then i learned na it’s from US pala so okay na okay ako (it’s really cheaper to buy there)!!! i thought it was some substandard china made product so i was really hesitant about it(lol, as if i’m gonna…

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  • options

    a. certificate in fine arts – visual communicationb. bachelor in interior design ????? watdaaaa?!?! why do i always get the worst choices?! can’t it be bachelor in fine arts ALONE?!?!?! whew. i have the weirdest academic case. i’m giving up my current bachelor’s degree for a certificate course in my preferred field of study. a…

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  • i waaaaaant!!!!

    canon ixus 80 IS found a bnew one at ebay for only 9700. bat ang cheap?!?! okay. ipon ipon muna… XD

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  • ay nako!

    trying hard ka! trying haaaaard!!!! wag kang pa impress! ayoko sayo. >____> you’re not the one i want to conquer the world with. hehehe maybe not this world. haha that’s reserved for someone else. :/ currently listening to: your universe – rico blanco.as in the whole album! hahaha i like! especially yugto! super ganda ng…

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  • lucid dreaming

    i was taking my power siesta awhile ago when i dreamt that i was standing on a vast field (similar to one of my wallpapers, will post soon). i don’t remember if i was with someone but i was certain that there was a big guy (like zangetsu; ichigo’s soul slayer; photo soon) behind me.…

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