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Month: February 2009

  • declined

    lol. have you ever experienced having your DEBIT card declined when you’re about to purchase almost2000 worth of items? wewewell, i just did. hehe, anyway… it guess it was only around 70pesos short. good thing i had an almost-70pesos item in the basket so i just paid it in cash. whew. goooood thing. kasi 100…

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  • 1234 freakin entries in a day

    could be more though, depends on how much i slack off with studying.i changed my wallpaper! 😀 err… i’ve been using my picture (me swimming at baker pool) ever since i got this laptop and i figured it’s time to change! yey! 😀 it’s bleaaach now! 😀 lookie i badly want to flail over something…

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  • because loneliness kills and uproots human reason

    hopefully, i shall get my revenge. i shall leave everything and keep minimal (if not absolutely zero) contact with the people staying in this fucked-up suburban shit hole. i badly want to get out of here. frankly speaking, there is nothing in this douchebag of a university that i enjoyed genuinely. not the org. not…

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  • yet another thing to blog about

    dalawa na ang sumira sa araw (gabi) ko. mothersheeeeeep! salamat housemates.

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  • i don't know

    why i suddenly decided to blog. this is actually not my preferred blogging place but i’m on a tight budget, roight. i’m kinda stressed. i don’t know how it shows, but i know how it feels. everytime i think of the possibility that my grades will sabotage my most anticipated transfer, i become so depressed.…

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  • long time no blog?

    it’s just four days, and i already think it’s a form of injustice to not update this blog. honestly, the reason why i haven’t been blogging as often as i did before is because i have to save money… it’s quite working, you know. the level of my internet addiction is slowly downgrading. you can…

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