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Month: December 2008

  • higschool: a social jungle

    highschool, for me, is just a place where you get to pick your own set of forever-friends. perhaps there are only two things i liked about highschooli. my friendsii. the pride that goes along with graduating from an all-girls sectarian school, like everybody thinks you’re rich and sosyal and all those junk that would not… Continue reading

  • finally, a room that feels like a room

    a place where i can lock myself in, a place with internet connection, privacy, and a big bed. 😀 yes! 😀 i’ve finally redesigned my room in preparation for next school year. lol. i am THAT excited to turn my room into an art den, but i don’t have enough freedom yet because i still… Continue reading

  • wicked

    CLICK TO ZOOM! (nazoo-zoom ba? -_-) please, celebrate with me! bwahahaha i’ve finished the advanced level of MINESWEEPER (16×30 tile grid; 99 mines)! oo, that’s what i’ve been knocking my brains for since christmas break started (besides dish-washing). lol ok… to save you from a mouse click, here’s what’s written on my “congratulatory” mini pop-up… Continue reading

  • a son who doesn't know basic sports etiquette and a father who just watches him boast his ugly upbringing; whoever voted for these scums?

    i was taken to THIS PAGE via a link at my friend’s multiply. it tells of how mayor nasser pangandaman jr. along with his bodyguards beat up a defenseless 56-year-old man and his 14-year-old son at a golf club in antipolo. the entry was written by the daughter of the victim who witnessed the whole… Continue reading

  • mahirap pala

    i’m just taking up around 1/2 of our maid’s duties and i’m already very tired. i couldn’t imagine how else tired she gets when it’s her turn to tend to the whole house. i do all the dish-washing, plus 50% cooking (i share the other half with my mom who is also my supervisor). some… Continue reading

  • finally T__T;

    after looooong hours of editing and editing and polishing every detail, i can finally say i’m done with this layout (at least for now). i was pretty much contented with the previous layout of this page but i just realized that Gecko and Fly’s comments link isn’t working (or at least the codes put in… Continue reading