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Month: September 2008

  • i wanna move out na talaga…

    ayoko na. after all, i don't think i'll push through with the move to a different domain. why??? it's starting to piss me off! it's toooo complex i swear i'd be thrashing out my every fortune in an internet cafe trying to figure out how it will work for my preference. so i'm not sure… Continue reading

  • preparing for the move

    i'm setting up a new blog on a new domain right now but i'm not officially launching it yet… i want it on my 18th birthday! so you wait ok? i'll be notifying my links anyway. 🙂 just so you know, I'M EXCITED TO MOVE OUT OF BLOGGER!!!   oh right, mom says we have a… Continue reading

  • i want to be saved but i can't help hating

    i’m trying, note:trying, to speed up my sister’s laptop (previously OURS, but is now hers…) by terminating unwanted background processes. i have no professional idea about speeding up systems so i’m running with cnet newletter’s guidance. oh, i hope this works. i know there’s a virus here! i can sense it! and i think it… Continue reading

  • ang gulo gulooooo

    i scheduled everything. i listed out all my immediate academic priorities for this week and they were: 1. a stupid postlab which includes one heck of a data set due tuesday2. 3rd long exam in chemistry, wednesday evening3. a super long homework on statistics due thursday4. another stupid postlab discussion and answered problems for physics,… Continue reading

  • FIXED!!!!

    at last! my Creative Zen has been revived! Special thanks to Mino! wahahahaha as promised: PROBLEM:a. ‘Firmware Problem’ error message on Startup andb. Player cannot be recognized in ANY PC SOLUTION:while others might tell you to download the mp3 player recovery tool from Creative or upgrade the Firmware with the latest version… that won’t just… Continue reading

  • my zen just crashed on me

    a week late!! i thought i would be able to fix it immediately and give a problem-with-solution entry today but i guess i'm too overworked looking for solutions that i decided to just blog about the problem first… then hopefully when i get it fixed, do a solution entry. PROBLEM!!!after the Ilocos trip, when i… Continue reading