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Month: August 2008

  • because i hate taking responsibility

    hehe. i actually didn’t want to be part of this but duty takes over, what can i do…?? hahaha, i’m not a good leader, promise. i’m better off working alone so maybe, i’m better off with the technicals. edi yun! technicals. hehehehe ok lang ok lang. sige sige, bahala na. 🙂 yehey. done with the…

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  • don't ask me about my birthday plans

    it’s still a good 2 months away from now, more or less, and i’m not going to have a mega celebration. i opted for a laptop intstead. 🙂 and i’ve got my eyes on this good ol Lenovo G410. why Lenovo? what’s Lenovo? to those who are new to the brand name, it’s a actually…

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  • what the heck.

    among the 500 more or less entries i’ve made between appril 07 to 08, selecting my 5 best entries to represent this blog at the PBA 2008 WAS TOUGH. for various reasons: a) i didn’t think i could possibly rank my entries. well, i could… they go through this scale of boring, more boring and…

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  • yet again

    oha. my tears worked, hehe my parents promised me my own laptop on my 18th birthday. we had a little argument last last night but it was cool because we're all okay afterwards. i mean, me and my sister finally made-up. i kind of quit hating her then she kind of quit hating me as…

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  • white and nerdy

    i badly want my OWN laptop. my one heck of a sister won’t let my hands on OUR (supposedly) laptop. which brought me to decide that she can fuck with it all she wants, i won’t be borrowing it from her anymore (she’ll reject me anyway)… i’ll be saving for my OWN laptop. i’ve already…

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  • cool lang daw

    oo nga dapat cool lang daw.grabe, ang cool cool ko nga eh. di pa ko nag-aaral.mamayang 7 na ang exam.time check: 1:20pm COOOOOL!kaya pa? oo naman! aabsent lang naman ako sa physics, bahala na si july quiz ko. pare, salamat! i owe you a lot… kaw lang nahihingian ko ng mga ganitong pabor. haha 🙂…

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