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Month: July 2008

  • wala akong masabi

    you made my day yesterday. grabe thank you. ♥ 🙂 i’ve started taking art commissions now! (if that’s how you call it bwahaha) i got around 11 orders during our last GA and more from my classmates this morning. i guess it’s going to be a weekend full of work for me. and i’m earning…

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  • portfolio!

    this is the main page of the portfolio slideshow i created using powerpoint 07. it’s done out of frustration because i still couldn’t get how flash 8 works. i need a book, probably. -___-; but that’s on the least of my concerns now that i’ve realized i could make equally decent presentations using powerpoint as…

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  • ehehe

    i don’t know where to start. i’m lost. i exchanged my macromedia flash 8 installer for a newer stock because it won’t load here. now that i have the software… i am dumbfounded by its complexity. well of course, i’m an amateur at this. i am simply offering myself a supposedly easier alternative for not…

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  • i survived!

    i only withdrew 1000 bucks from my account this week TO SAVE. well, you might think 1k is more than enough for a college student to survive. TRUE, but in my case 1K is just enough to cover my weekly expenses: a) FOOD. duhb) FARE. another duh. and it pisses me off that it keeps…

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  • zettai kareshi doodle

    done july 21, 2008. actually, during that time i never considered it done, because as you can see there are still unfilled spaces and i’m not usually a fan of those (you should know). but since i figured it’s pretty nice that way, i let it be. hope you like it, this is in response…

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  • magpapaloko nanaman ba ako?

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