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Month: June 2008

  • city of angels

    i cried big time last night after watching it at qtv. sorry naman, i’m not really fond of movies. hehehe 🙁 such a tear-jerker, why does maggie have to die when seth just gave up his pevious life to be with her? grabe. unfair ba? unfaaair!! oooh, so that’s where the famous scene with a…

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  • not enough sense

    i was reviewing my notes awhile ago, take note: it’s my first time to actually get my ass with reviewing over the weekend. that’s not me, usually, but i’m breaking some bad habits here so you ought to be happy for me. hehe church went well, i can’t say i’m a wholly spiritual person because…

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  • a date with my mom 🙂

    my charger broke so i asked ate theresa to buy me a new one, but it also won’t work so i decided to have it fixed at fcm. i thought the battery is the one at fault but it turned out the new charger is the defected one. so i bought a new one instead…

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  • meron pa

    this is what happened yesterday, hehe. sa kagustuhan namin ni terai na makatipid sa pamasahe sa bus, we were convinced na sumabay sa car ng daddy ng friend ni anne papuntang sta. rosa. o diba ang layo? but the thing is, free naman until sta rosa so we took the van from there na 65…

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  • in memory of my excessive posting days

    more entries per day = more gibberish. diba? but now that i blog less (but still regularly), i’m slightly deviating from the self claimed title of this blog. not that i write with sense you know, which is hardly ever the case, but at least in a span of time i wasn’t able to blog,…

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  • not really.

    stupid title. can’t think of any. i’m really making good progress averting myself from consuming the world wide web on an unreasonable count. it’s only the first time i saw the net since this weekend… and it’s already thursday. hehehe nice diba? oh anyway. i came online to download our physics handout (and of course…

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