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magpapa burger akoooO!!!

@ – i got to learn a fantastic memorizing technique from PM yesterday. i am so bewildered by the effect… and frankly speaking, it isn’t that hard to get! look, i got to memorize 20 middle eastern countries, 6 inert gases, and the 9 fruits of the holy spirit plus 20+6+9 relative objects. that’s roughly 60 something terms and i still can’t forget it… i can even recite it backwards. man, just how useful is this class?

@ – i also got to meet my one and only classmate, jay. coach bruno was right, he is really good looking. 🙂 (he wears glasses but isn’t nerdy looking bwahaha, they’re frameless kasi) i enjoyed his company, really. he’s friendly and accommodating and is a complete gentleman. he also stayed in new york for a quite some time so my slang is being tested. hahaha just where do you get such package? thing is, he is training to be a minister and is already 28.

i didn’t just hear an aww, did i?

@ – after all, i’m not really dismissed. woooot woooooh!

@ – ugh, i deserve a celebration! bwahahaha