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Month: April 2008

  • perhaps

    i have no right to say i was deprived of the chance to go out and explore during my highschool days just because i’m so stuck inside the unimplemented but felt stereotype present during those damned years. last night, because i can’t lull myself to sleep listening to my mp3 player, i browsed through our… Continue reading

  • in need of some flattering

    if i badly wanted to flatter myself i go to my account and just check my stats. so far, it always flatters me to see my stories getting good reviews. much more, it boosts up my ego learning that there are actually people who put me in their favorite authors list. it’s not a… Continue reading

  • she can't be serious

    well you know, it’s still a good 7 months from now so i’d be sure to forgive them if they suddenly backed out or changed plans. mom says she’ll bring me to hongkong for my 18th birthday celebration (of course with my family). haha, i’m glad to hear that finally i’d be able to ride… Continue reading

  • i've been waiting for this!

    2 things ♥ i’m finally able to go online right here at home! meaning, daddy already got tired of me pushing him into spilling his ‘secret’ why the modem just won’t fucking work. then he fixed it in front of me, like i’m demanding him on a gunshot. lol, it was so funny treating my… Continue reading

  • she said goodnight

    this actually happened weeks ago, i just didn’t have time to blog about it, or maybe i always forget to blog about it. 🙂 the ‘she’ in the title refers to my previous previous previous crush’s mother!!! lol, you wouldn’t know how dumbfounded i am to actually earn a ‘good night’ from the mom of… Continue reading

  • damn you headache

    my head’s been hurting since our class started but i managed to forget about it eventually. ah, we pushed through with the dinner. coach and jay were actually planning to go to burger king (some branch i didn’t hear well) but coach got a wee bit guilty about me being dragged on to their, uhh,… Continue reading