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blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape

i like that quote. 🙂 wahehehe
T__T my whole body hurts. i feel like i've acquired muscle pain all over… and the only probable reason why i got it would be yesterday's activity… bike riding tutorial plus badminton. why, it couldn't be that tiresome to garner me pain such as this one?!?! wahaha… ok lang, at least i know i did have a good exercise… it's been a while since my last workout (which is also our last day in PE) so it's not a surprise. hahaha
workload progress update!
♥ i'm done with our 2 papers for hum1!
♥ i've also just finished researching for our topic in hist2, which includes india's postwar chronology. so boring.
so far, that's all i have accomplished till today.
it's not a lot, i tell you (though i can assure you they're not easy… esp the hum1 papers which rot my brains out). those are just the minor things from my list. the major ones are those that require studying. i have 3 exams on tuesday, hist2, micro1 and chem40. and i'm just as unalarmed as before.
here goes slacking off.
my plans, my plans.
sleep for now. hahaha
and when i wake up we're going back at elbi… when i get there… uhhh, maybe i'll start studying micro1. presumably i'll start at 12mn.
well it's not unusual if i start my day at 12mn, cos this is what happens everyday of the schoolyear. during mornings and afternoons, if i'm not in class, i'm either online or sleeping. >_>;
monday afternoon, me and my groupmates from es10a will meet to finish our project (a miniature model house). hopefully, we could finish it early because i need all the time i could get to study (now, that's a first time) hist2. if by grace we finish the project tomorrow, then we wouldn't be meeting during classhours on tuesday… which gives me just enough time to cram studying chem40.
see, and if all goes as planned, then i might as well be considered an efficient crammer.
but then, i have a feeling that we're not going to finish our 10a project tomorrow… which means it's going to eat up my proposed study time for chem40 on tuesday.
waduwayduuuu?!?! *insert panicking act here*
pray, it should work. 😉