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Month: March 2008

  • buena mano

    Q: what are bible verses related to this story?– i think you’re asking me why i have a ‘verse of the day’ when it has nothing to do with my entries? that’s just actually a reminder for myself to keep in touch with the bible… at least, even if i don’t get to open the…

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  • sleeping for fitness

    still not studying for the finals. hopefully, i’ll get exempted on the hist2 finals. hopefully, man. HOPEFULLY. i don’t want more shtload to bear. and the cutoff is 3, so i guess it’s sorta manageable. 🙂 sorta, sorta. XD so, err, i’m planning to get a power siesta later (wuhoo!). wahaha. i knew it’s always…

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  • gibberish #946

    i’m… confused.i don’t know what to do, from here on, everything’s going to be harder for me and i’m not sure if i can maintain the positive spirit i always use as a defense mechanism. being lazy, yes, that’s my biggest problem. the path to learning is a steep uphill trek, and i have no…

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  • extra curiccular wishlist

    here are the things i want to do while inside the university which are not academic related ♥ be in the swimming varsity team – i want to get fit and engage in a lot of sports this time, i don’t want to end up getting bigger and bigger… ♥ more so, if i manage…

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  • trio, cookies and cream, super chocolate!

    wooooh!ang daming ice cream!!! ganito kasi yan eh… nag despidida party kami nung wednesday para sa aming mahal na graduating dormmates… ang daming food pare! baboy talaga. 🙂 haha basta ako masaya, maraming ice cream e. nung wednesday, nagdala ng isang galong selecta trio si ate bubbbles….kinabukasan… bumili si banya ng isang galong cookies and…

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  • new layout!

    i'm liking the color orange more and more! hehehe 🙂mind you, i paid a lot for this! i mean, i consumed a lot of internet time on making this work. so hopefully, it should. friends, i haven't slept. like crazy man. i wasn't able to sleep last night because our Bagong Cristo paper was due…

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