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wasting gel ink

i’m drawing/doodling again! i couldn’t find anything to do.. =|
i arrived home at around 4 and no one’s answering the door so i just climbed over our gate… good thing the main door’s open or else i would have to perform my usual akyat-bahay tactics… >__>;

and i found out there are actually two people inside. grr… i’m hating my sister again for destroying our doorbell. T___T;

my parents and my sister are gone that time… they were in divisoria to fit gowns because it’s mommy’s awarding soon and terai’s gonna escort her… why, I WANT TO! but i have classes, dmmt = but i’m still going to the hotel yey. 🙂

my sister bought me a new bag, it’s red! i like it, yeah but i wanted it to be more casual… my shirts won’t get along with it.

haha quite a new look again, i’ve already used this header once but i ditched it anyways. dunno if the alignments are fine in other browsers… i had to adjust the top margin to a negative value for it to align with the header image. whatev. >___>;

i wish i were a computer science major you know, then i would have enough knowledge not to fumble over trivial things like this.

i am greatly favored by the imaginary deity of critical infatuation. most of the people i tell about my crush are concidentally his acquaintances! now, life’s pretty good on me (on this part only though) or maybe he’s just too old that it fits right that he knows a lot of people already. bwahahaha

man, i badly want that 250gigs portable hard drive so that i could store my stolen series directly. >__>;
on a sad note, i wasn’t able to watch the eps i took yesterday because there’s this ‘error downloading codec’ thingamajig that appeared in my wmp when i loaded the video meaning only the audio is present, no gdmn visuals.

i think it’s karma. hahaha
or maybe if i get a new laptop with windows vista then i’m going to have an ultra great and updated wmp and i don’t have to worry about installing that blasted codec (whatever that is).

goodnight. 🙂