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really now

i don’t think i’m going to pursue shifting/transferring to diliman next schoolyear… hehe i’m afraid of the papers/interviews hassle… i might just get turned down you know. well, it’s not really about that. it’s more about the feeling that i’m starting to like it here, even though i’m not excelling academically at least i know i’m not alone in my journey downhill, it’s not even a good thought but it’s a good enough compensation. bwahahaha

things are going to get hard for me from here… from this moment that i decide to just continue being a chemical engineering student… a blasted one at that.

weirdly though, i feel like my worth will be more seen if i’m taking computer science. but then, my plan is to just take a vocational course on that sometime after graduation. >___>;

i want to work na. dmmt.