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Month: January 2008

  • wtdfck

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?! apparently, i didn’t attend 2 out of my 3 classes this day… well, it’s not really a big deal since they’re just PE and a boring GE subject… but then how many times have i done this before? srsly, i can’t count them on my fingers.i’ve probably exhausted…

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  • i missed astra 🙂

    ok from now on… i’m going to resume my internet browsing here… i was only lured to spacehub because they have a 20/hr charge for members… and here i pay the regular 25/hr even though i am a member. anyway… i still think it’s better here. the aircon is on all day… the place is…

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  • an asteroid to hit earth this 2019?

    the news says so – Space Rock ‘on collision course’ i’d probably be 29 or 30 by then… mehn, i don’t want to die that early! >_>; i don’t think i’d be married even! whatever happens, it’s up to God to decide… scientists say the risk of diverting the direction the threatening object is low……

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  • GO AChES FIGHT!!!!

    laban namin kanina with schemes! hahaha nakakatuwa… actually gusto ko talaga magka-riot… wala lang… para lang maka-witness na kung ano… hahaha… pero wala eh… 2 times na sanang muntik magka-ramble (basket & softball) pero whatever… hahaha ayon. shempre… super hiritan! nakakainis… nakakakulo ng dugo. personalan na eh… garapal pa maglaro sa basket… pero dibale. masaya…

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  • dear sister

    i feel awful. i feel really bad about myself. i think i wasn’t a good enough sister! i hate myself for letting her hurt herself that much for a stupid guy!!! and i hate it more that i actually wasn’t there when she needs someone to confide to! well, she didn’t really say she wants…

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  • so he's dead

    heath ledger is dead. >__>; not really his fan though… hehe, at least i’m up to date…? i couldn’t believe out teacher when he blurted out he’s dead… we were discussing about creativity then… and we all turned him off saying “teacher, you’re being too creative >_>” (note sarcasm) anyway. i’m not up to do…

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