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Month: December 2007

  • a happy new year to everyone!

    yeah it’ll be 2008 in exactly 4 hours. honestly, i think time flew by so fast. i could still clearly recall what happened last new year’s eve. per usual i spent it with my family, here in our house, at the rooftop… without any fireworks whatsoever… it has been a tradition for us not to…

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  • Fuego!

    it’s Rizal day!but more importantly (yeah, i guess so because i don’t really have that much patriotism in me to go on a pilgrimage this day) it’s my wuvies Martha and Carla’s Birthday!!! yeah beybeh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATHA AND CARLA!!!!! ♥ oh, i’m so sorry for putting our national hero aside but we don’t usually…

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  • oh, it's almost new year

    to tell you honestly, i’m bored. the last christmas party i attended was back with my dormmates (the 19th, if i could remember correctly)… if you’d still like to count the org party then sure, but since it’s just on the same day and all i ever did there was drink and play cards…. fine,…

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  • coffee prince ♥

    i knew it. i’m not yet over with gays. and i thought i’m gradually growing out of it now that i haven’t written any gay story for so long or even laid eyes on a harrydraco slashfic. >__>… but upon seeing the trailer of Coffee Prince, i confirmed i still have this weird fancy for…

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  • maligayang pasko! (pasensya na at konyo ang entry na ito)

    @ kakabalik ko lang galing ospital. i spent 4 days in an un-airconditioned ward! haha ang arte diba… anyway. i figured it’s better without aircon (but i still prefer a private room kahit walang aircon basta private)since it’s kinda cold naman. and besides, i have fever that time so i hardly sweat. >__>; wenk. @…

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  • such a short break

    before we left for the break our hum1 teacher assured us that we would have something academic to do over the vacation. so he left us with 137 pages of boring text from various writers (including some pages from anne frank’s diary – that’s 68.50 pesos swept off from my pocket). last night i gave…

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