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hard gay!

i just came home from our dance practice at ding’s place. harhar, can’t even consider it ‘our dance practice’ since (huhuhuhu) i wasn’t really part of the whole routine. i just, hmmm, made a very little appearance because i don’t have enough time to learn the whole dance!
ay, i also brought them ice cream! yey! now i can say i’ve celebrated my birthday with all the important
we watched a couple of youtube vids on their pc and damn were my muscle cheeks pushed to the limit. they were so funny! try using search tags “ping pong matrix” and “human tetris”. you’ll be amazed by the videos. i can’t believe japanese people are very creative commedienes! wahahahahahaha

more so, we also watched “hard gay!” hooooooooo! hahaha, ok you can just search that as well. very funny guy. bwahahahahahahaha

haaaay, i’m waiting for some videos to finish converting so that i can transfer it on my player…

so while waiting…

do you know the feeling of being around a guy who likes you in a way you don’t? he gives you special attention and you hate him for that. he does good things to you, things he doesn’t normally do to other girls, and it feels really awkward. for a moment you want him to stop and just leave you alone but out of being polite, you just treat him normally just like with you other friends.

mehn, i hate people like that. i’m very good at dropping hints, but he’s poor at catching them.
can’t you get a clue?

i’m a ropeless romantic but i also want to make sure i get that ‘romance’ i deserve with a guy a like. actually, i prefer being with someone i love than with someone who loves me. but of course, i’d always choose to be with someone i like and vice versa. in short, i hate one-way relationships. >___> and again, i hate guys who can’t get a clue.