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Month: November 2007

  • i almost cried?

    lol. i almost cried with my own fic. bwahahahaha read it herebut before that here, i’ll give a short forewarn: – crappy grammar: sorry naman ha? i’m not good in english, my beta-reader hasn’t mailed me the proofread version yet (it’s been years! i think she forgot it already). you’re free to criticize, curse me…

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  • it should be a happy birthday for my friend!

    if antonio trillanes weren’t good-looking enough, i wouldn’ve cursed him to the pits of hell but hahahaha i like him! not because i agree that he should seize a hotel just to deliver his grievances to the government but because he’s good-looking (for me). bwahahaha still, i hate what he just did yesterday. did you…

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  • hephep!

    what i have to say about our chem40 lab instructor: hell, he has a lot of expectations!!! well, what great performance could you possible get from a class mainly consisting of first takers (excluding me, of course!). i got that from experience, now don’t argue. being a 2nd taker clearly has its benefits. what else?…

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  • not productive

    i haven’t studied yet. i have two quizzes tomorrow both of them having very long handouts. ha, that’s the least of my problem… >___>;; i already went online awhile because our history teacher didn’t show up, during that time i already made a very long post about my utterly biased opinion on the issue of…

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  • entry number 8-hundredsomething

    i dunno. i’m slacking off again. maybe there’s really not much to do, but i like it this way. i only have 3 subjects a day and all of them have at least 1 hour intervals, what can i say? i love my schedule though i have to sacrifice my being a sophomore for it.…

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