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today was great! haaay, tapos na rin sa wakas ang speechcom! wahahahahaaa! i’m done with my speech, man! and i think it’s ok naman. hehe

last night i was even worrying about my dress. it has to be semi-formal and err, ‘peaceful’… because that’s what my speech is all about. like crazy, man! and my dormmates were all suggesting that i wear yndi’s dress. dress, man! i don’t wear dress on a casual day! i’m very conscious with my legs. bwahahahaha. anyway, i ended up wearing a pink top and black slacks. 🙂

haaay. at least it’s all done! just one more exam to go through before i get the weekend for myself!
oh yeah, finals na pala next week. ok. no happy weekend for me. 🙁

after speechcom i went to my chem32 lab for the locker checkout then after that, kat and i went to Barracks to play. she taught me a new game! LINEAGE II!!!! cool! i’m becoming an RPG addict once again! yehey! LINEAGE II!!!! i wanna play! pero wala sila nun dito! kainis! 🙁 anyhow… hehe kelangang ko na ata mag-aral! wahehehehehe 🙂