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a look on my impending doom

oh, i skrewed it all up… AGAIN! but i’m not disappointed because i wasn’t expecting for anything anyway…. the chem40 finals was fucking hard. >_>;

mam amada is so hard to deal with… she showed us a list of physics finalists (which includes me and practically the whole lecture hall) without even computing for our prefinal standing! what’s that? hocus pocus?? and fuck, the cell for my 2nd lecture exam was blank! which made my standing lower than ever. she said ‘maybe’ i forgot to put my name on it. man, i don’t remember anything. it’s not like me to remember old exams… let alone if i wrote my name on the blasted answer sheet. man, how am i supposed to fix this mess??? hahaha, i don’t care now. i just don’t care*. i’ll just answer the exam tomorrow with whatever it is i can manage to stuck in my brain tonight. oh yeah, which reminds me… i wasn’t able to sleep last night!

i had 4 cups of coffee… ♥ you see, i was supposed to spend the whole midnight onwards to study for the chem40 finals on the same day… that’s a good 7 hours of slow torture. lol the exam starts at 7 and it was just 12mn that i decided to study.

a quote once said that ‘you wouldn’t remember the exam that you failed but you would never forget the people you are with the night you decided not to study’

awww… well, it’s always my dormmates who divert me from studying. and i don’t blame them for it because i’m always happy when i’m with them! i love you crapmates! grouphuuuuug. wahehehehe…

i have plans for next week! no matter what happens to my retarded final exams, i’m getting a haircut! and i’m going for a hairspa too! then maybe i’ll invite people to go to Enchanted Kingdom because they have a sembreak promo right now… man, i want to unwind! though i’m the one who needs it most since the ‘unwind’ thing are only for people are so stressed about this week. owkamown…. 🙂

whew. i want to sleep!!!! okok…
let’s sleeep…zzzzzz