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Month: October 2007

  • games galore! yeheeeey

    i’m making the most of my sembreak by drowning myself in games! thanks to my roommate, i have acquired two brand new cool games to play here in the computer, straight from her desktop…which is in our room hehehe. the one is Zuma, exactly like tumblebugs, only with a different theme and no bugs. i’m…

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  • come on zen!

    i came across a back-up cd just now and i’m delighted to see some of the files i deemed lost forever were luckily saved! after losing my amelie soundtrack, i got depressed over the thought of downloading the whole 20 tracks again… that would take me forver, given a very FAST 46.6 kb/sec internet connection……

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  • owkamownaw

    i thank God for today. even though most of you would consider this really terrible, i still thank God… because i finally have the sembreak for myself! 😀 heeeryagow: ♠ math36 – 5i took the removals exam awhile ago and it was freakin hard! and i thought the removals are always always easier than the…

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  • ayos!

    so back on the 24th, we we’re having fun in Enchanted Kingdom… and NOW, i’m back in elbi… to face the grim reality of being an in-progress academic probee… kat texted me (just awhile ago) that i got a 4 in math36 and i have to take the removals exam tomorrow, 2-4pm. the moment i…

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  • the magic is here!

    come on, Lord! PLEASE DON’T LET IT RAIN!!! i didn’t get a haircut last night because i woke up 8pm and had to eat dinner, then i was caught by Marimar so i have to finish it first… then there’s Hwang Jini, and mr. teenybopper (jan geun suk)… so in short… i’ll just get it…

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  • FINALLY!!!!!

    i’m finished with the exams… UNLESS i get a kwatro! that means i have to get back here for the removals… 🙂 man, to take 2 final exams consecutively is absolutely consuming. >_> i haven’t got much study on both of my subjects (math and chem) and lo and behold, the expected came. i wasn’t…

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