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Month: September 2007

  • nanaaaaaa

    weeeee! it’s been a month since i last watched nana! i’m now on episode 16! yeah! i guess i won’t be able to watch it starting this week until after sem break. huhuhuhuhu… anyhow… i’m back in elbiii. boring boring boring. just that. 😛oh, and i have a lot of exams to deal with this…

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  • head over hills, pare!

    Blogger Wishlistplease contribute! 🙂 and do vote for the option ‘i want to restrict access only to specific posts’ and ‘i want to show excerpts of my posts, with links to the full text’ that would help blogger improve a lot! those two features are one the most important things a blog must have and…

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  • FOR SALE!!

    FOR SALE!Compaq iPaq H3950 Pocket PCcheck my ebay 🙂 —————————————-as promised, i dropped by SM Megamall yesterday to stroll. 🙂i saw a fencing game! it was cooooooool. really coooooooool. it’s my first time to see real fencers (??) and it amazed me! hehehe. then i went to national bookstore. heaven, mehn! i just went there…

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  • friday, i'm in love!

    dear folks!it’s going to be friday (yet again) in an hour! i can’t help but rejoice! yeeeaaah!!!i’m so excited to go home already. actually, i’m looking forward to the mall. i saved a generous amount of money to last me with my mall, uhh, agenda which is mainly: kain, kain, windowshop sa national bookstore, kain,…

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  • yet another day

    i knew it! apparently, our speechcom1 instructor didn’t arrive today, giving me a good 1 1/2 hours to rest. 🙂 yey. so this is my rest. hehe heyhey. a couple of entries ago i wrote about my future plans in the university (assuming 1 failing grade). let’s label that Plan A. now here’s plan B:-assuming…

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  • how to deal with your deteriorating braincells

    faced with a catastrophic problem like this, one must not panic. it will only catalyze the decay of your beloved braincells. i say, don’t worry! look on the bright side! usually when your, uhh, academic braincells are starting to die one by one, the other group of braincells starts to function double time. so everytime…

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