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Month: August 2007

  • johari window!

    dear folks, please take time to answer my Johari Window thanks a bunch!

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  • can we just stop and talk a while

    by gary v. and kyla. nice song :). ate eunice and jerson sang it awhile ago as an intermission and it was really nice. galing! hehehe 🙂 it actually reminds me of the song ‘melody fair’ 🙂 anyhow. today was great. 🙂 i attended our symposium and proctored (gm?) for our mental smackdown (a quiz…

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  • quality education takes time

    whew. maybe that’s how i’m going to describe my mantra for this sem. hahaha. ok lang magrepeat! at least mas maiintindihan ko. yun nga lang, i can’t shift. at malamang lamang dalawang subjects ang irerepeat ko. at baka di pa ko mabigyan next sem. wow. mega delay na ako. >_> hmmph.kat has sore eyes. meaning…

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  • a new look

    i changed the header. pretty much the same, only simpler. i’m happy with it… let’s see how long it will last. if you notice, i’m fond of beach scenes. yeah… 🙂 moreover, another new look… hehe. don’t be fooledthat’s me wearing my DAD’S wig. he used that wig during a performance years ago… hehehe. did…

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  • well here's an alternative

    so we had our first chem40 theoretical lab exam last night. it was hard. and i am guaranteed to fail… yet again. T_T; i was too careless, i could’ve gotten 2 problems right, it’s just that i thought water is non-polar. which is not. note to self: water, H20, dihydrogen oxide is fucking polar. i’d…

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  • taking on a one way path

    i’ve never been this much intimidated in my life. and fuck, it scares me a lot. failing has always been my companion. it taught me a lot, really. i guess i owe every sensible advice i mouth out to every horrible experience i’ve encountered. it’s not bad to fail. just don’t overdo your mistakes because…

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