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Month: June 2007

  • live junk for the bitter soul

    hello everyone, i’m using broadband internet access and it sucks. yeah, i was right when i said dial-up is still the best. the problem is we couldn’t get a good signal in the basement (duh) and that’s practically where our computers live so to get a good reach of that f*cking globelines network we have…

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  • transformers!

    it was really unexpected. our parents fetched me and my sister at megamall and from there decided to watch a movie. we watched transformers. actually, i’m not really hyped up on watching it since robots barely have a hormonal effect on me or on any of my nerves but still, we decided to watch it…

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  • you're my sweetest downfall

    i happen to hear that phrase somewhere and i happen to like it. i really like that phrase, maybe it’s from a song… i’m not sure but i just love the irony. it makes me want to turn it into a novel title! title lang! hahaha wuhoo! how was this day? uhh, fine! tiring! tiring!…

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  • come on astra!

    life’s pretty good! astra is now my favorite internet cafe! hahaha e kasi ganun ulit, cute yung kuya. pero hindi lang yon! malamig pa! oha. hahahaha they’re going to transfer locations soon and i don’t mind since they’re transfering somewhere nearer our dorm hahaha and they’re going to make membership cards already! i’m gonna have…

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  • to kill a death god

    i’m back to watching death note! yey! so while i’m doing a mini marathon (coz i don’t have all day… have to go back to elbi.. >_>) i’m also surfing the net and doing stuff i always do like bloghopping, friendster profile hopping, a little bit of stalking, picture grabbing, account checking, mailbox cleaning and…

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    how to download streaming videos

    🙂 yey! finally!!! to start this off, i’ll define what streaming video is. you watch it on youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe… blah blah. ok. gets? so those are streaming videos, videos that you can readily watch as it is being delivered to you. the difference of streaming media to non-streaming media is that with…

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