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Month: May 2007

  • at least i passed

    i got a 2.75 on chem17. i suck.so what’s 2.75? that’s around 61%-65%. whattagrade. but at least i passed, and i didn’t have anymore of those deadly jitters i felt when i was waiting for my chem16 grade. i sort of got used to it. you know, i have the right to feel slightly unalarmed…

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  • waiting on the world to change

    yesterday: we went to TriNoma, the new mall across SM North Edsa. their level parking was HELL. the beam is too low, the ramp is too high, the lanes are too small (and it’s a freakin 2-way) and the way the parking spaces are arranged is really confusing. in short, we didn’t get a parking…

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  • without a cure

    i hate myself for wasting electricity this much. heck, i’m online again! i’ve always been online ever since i came home… which is quite a good thing because i don’t have to spend a lot on net cafes and i can do a lot of things for as long as i want! like this new…

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  • i bid you farewell

    we went to the doctor awhile ago to consult my alleged heartburn. well, i was right, it was really a heartburn but it’s also something worse. hehe. the doctor, in her outrageously commanding voice told me to avoid all these foods: coffee, softdrinks, tea, cold drinks, chocolate, milk, sour foods and tomatoes! and prescribed me…

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  • some things are better off untold

    people who say that end up blogging their lives anyway. this is the first day i’m spending whatever is left of my summer vacation out of the university and it sucks because the sky is not rejoicing with me. >_>; wait. today is our batch reunion! and i’m home. i told you i’m not coming.…

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  • i'm freeeeeeee

    yet i’m so bored. guess where i am? i’m here at edsa shang. chilling out, wasting money online. and they freakin charge 60 pesos per hour! i guess i’m not really used to it, back in los banos i only pay 20 per hour and at home we only pay 400 a month for unlimited…

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