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Month: March 2007

  • oh my blog

    hahaha. hello anime!i’m enjoying reading slam dunk and prince of tennis doujins! yehey. haha. i miss Senru! wahahaha. oh my, i wish i were back in highschool where i can openly converse with my friends about my new found obsession. back then it wouldn’t sound so taboo to talk about bishounens and senru and yaoi……

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  • hotaru no mori!

    *sniff* *sniff* what a sad love story. i totally love it. download it herethe title is Hotaru No Mori under One Shots and Extras.mehn. i’m so inspired to turn it into a harryXdraco! yeah. ah. that’s a manga/comics. hehe. i suggest you don’t download anything else aside from that because as far as i’m concerned,…

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  • stalking your crush on the net

    to tell you honestly, i’ve been in this nasty business for about some time now especially when i heard of some google search options you could do to narrow down your research. you probably know this already. heh. if you want to get more information about your crush, aside from asking people (and asking him…

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  • yeah right

    waw! uno ako sa PE1. hello? wala namang nakakatres dun eh! if i know lahat naman kami di bababa sa dos. haha. magkaganunman. hah! at least may uno! perstaym! kahit na hindi counted sa grades. hahahaha. sayang naman. sana kasi binibilang ang PE1… may lecture din naman yun eh. grrrrr…. minsan lang ako maka-uno yung…

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  • warning

    for the good of this blog and your viewing pleasure as well, please don’t open this blogsite in firefox or any other browser except for Internet Explorer 7. i’m afraid it’ll look trashed and messy and skrewed and ugly and…etc. i’ll fix it later when i finally have a firefox. for the meantime… haha. new…

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  • conformity is bitch

    i want to change this layout. finally done with the finals. what a relief. the chem16 finals was… err… like what i said in math, it was so-so. steady lang. i think it was easier. 210 points. before passing my paper i tabulated all the correct answers that i’m confident i got right and it…

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