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Month: February 2007

  • death note

    it's the cause why i've been spending too much money these days. would you believe i've shelled out a thousand bucks already in just 4 days without even noticing? that's the pain of being so awfully addicted to Death Note. i can't watch it anywhere but here where they have fast internet connections and i'm just too… Continue reading

  • breaking the rules

    ooops. okay. i think the profile where i’m watching the L word has a virus, or something equally harmful. a fresh minute ago while watching episode two, the computer restarted and everything i’ve typed here went poof! — gone. -_-;; two days ago in another computer shop, while watching the same episode (coz i can’t… Continue reading

  • loading…

    i love receiving e-newsletters from Cnet. they cover up the most important tech topics on the web and they give you super reliable answers and advices coming from the tech pro’s themselves and other active members. right now i’m learning a lot on which antivirus works best because as usual, i’m having problems managing my… Continue reading

  • 9:30 entry

    news: it’s the first time ever that i created a layout that worked well in other browsers. remember the last version of this layout is skrewed in firefox? now it’s not. it came to me one night when i was having my usual solitary sessions that i have a float: right property embedded on the… Continue reading

  • giant optics

    can’t think of a good enough title. sorry. the past few err… moments were really dreadful i couldn’t almost get out from the thick blanket i hid myself in. i have never been this depressed in my studies. i’m not usually like this in highschool. i never cared. i was too indifferent to bother looking… Continue reading

  • live junk

    hello. our chem16 teacher didn’t show up, that’s why i’m up here early doing my usual online activities. hay. i’ve just realized how i’ve grown into such a hopeless romantic. i’m actually close to ending the argument that all cute guys are either a) taken or b) gay. there’s never really a reason for such… Continue reading