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Month: January 2007

  • hopeless

    life has been tremendously hostile at me. first i left my phone back in our house, which is a good two hours away from here, meaning i am totally devoid of communication from my friends far from here. there’s nothing wrong with it, i guess. it’s just one week, and come to think of it,…

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  • i though it's a zero!

    but it was a 3! an equally disappointing 3/10! well at least it broke the record. i’m not super sad. but i’m kind of feeling emo right now. you know what i’m listening to? huwag mo nang itanong – mymp. tsk. i can totally relate to the first line. hahahaha. mehn. first line lang!! hehehe.…

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  • oh so this is how it feels

    aww. first time! i’m a growing lady! i think i’m in love! but i’m still under self-denial. heck, i won’t even mention it to anyone. not to my sister, not to my friends, as in no one! not because i don’t trust them! i just want to make sure i’m telling the truth before i…

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  • home at last!

    nothing is more stress-relieving than going online – if you’re in my case. =) but then, i’m not really stressed! at least i think i don’t look stressed. hahaha. i’m deleting my account in LJ – for good. i don’t see a reason keeping it anyway. and i don’t want more blogs to manage. yey.…

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  • slacking off

    my conscience says i shouldn’t be here sitting comfortably in an airconditioned computer hub practically wasting what’s left with my allowance. but my craves get the better of me. even though i have nothing much to do online, i’m always having this urge to surf. we have a long test in chem16 lab later at…

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  • they had it coming

    two days to go before my sister’s 18th birthday. we’re not throwing a debut party, it’s too impractical at this point of time. imagine during that week (this week) i have three long tests, and she has her own list of schoolworks to toil over. no party. just a simple blowout at the dorm. yeah,…

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