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Month: November 2006

  • long weekend!

    -i’m home! yehey. the long wait is over! – at last. i’ve uploaded the last chapter of my fic. whew. ayos. no more nosebleeds! but on the dull side, there are still 2 in-progress fics to be continued and i haven’t got the slightest hint on what to do with them. hahaha… maybe when the…

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  • this too, shall pass

    i deleted the last 2 entries. i don’t know why! hahahahaaa… i don’t know how to re-start another entry about my nonsense babbles on my first week as a college student. this week has been really eventful, in a sense that everything is new. even what i’m feeling right now is new! and i’m thankful…

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  • bittersweet symphony

    i’m 16 now! yeah, two days ago pa. nothing special. just my usual birthday. got a few gifts, of which i’m so grateful of because like i demanded, they have to be useful. hehehe. justin timberlake will be hosting this year’s mtv european music award, damn. and i can’t watch. damn damn. i’m dying to…

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  • harry potter can kiss my a**

    yesterday was great. i won’t be going out as often anymore come second sem. i have to study you know, make that real hard. i won’t be indulging myself in err selfish treats and luxurious escapades (like i’ve had one. haha) i have to study. i can’t always ask my parents for gimmick money especially…

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  • my dear visitor

    hmm… ako po ay nangangampanya na inyong paunlakan ng kahit isang CLICK man lamang sa ad na nakabalandra sa itaas ng mensaheng ito. maawa kayo, wala akong pang christmas shopping. i don’t know what’s becoming of this blog lately. so please please… give me a click. you know, i wanna get rich! yeah yeah. if…

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  • scabbers in the house

    here’s a confession. when i first tried friendster, i was dead set on searching for my crush. when i found him, he became part of my network… then my bulletin went boom! i was like flooding the whole system with what i call ‘bored games’ or those silly little interview forms disguised as surveys that…

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