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Month: October 2006

  • early birds eat early worms

    awooooooo? happy holloween! from 100 mbps i am now back to the super slow 46.6 kbps internet connection. -_-;; can’t enjoy my youtube without the infuriating loading buffers. grr… yesterday, terai and i left for yupi elbi. we are to spend the night there so that we’ll be the early birdies during my registration the… Continue reading

  • i'm a borderline idiot

    wahaha. check out the game ‘idiot test – are you a moron or an idiot?’ from weee… because arianne is in a happy crush mood today (and i tell you, this RARELY happens). i figured out a song that will suit me and my once a week encounter with my so called, harry. miss… Continue reading

  • put an oga in a poga

    i am happy today. i always am. there is no room for freakish negative vibes around me. i spread positive energy, hooooraaayy! for one thing, Harry (for a change, this is not harry potter) is back to church. who is harry? haha, i don’t really know his name, all i know is that he looks… Continue reading

  • penshoppe has really stupid theft sensors

    i thought i could get by the first time it happened. for once i was really amused by the fact that, hey this doesn’t usually happen. i was just a freak for things that went out of routine. so as i’ve told you yesterday, penshoppe’s sensors in moa beeped on me. and now, just now,… Continue reading

  • the odd brain. i love nerds. sickening sweetness.

    Good day. I spent a thousand bucks on a book, a tee, a bag of chips, a deodorant and 2 drinks from frappe (which we eventually threw out – unfinished – because of its sickening sweetness, even I who loves sweets gave up). We were in mall of asia awhile ago. I took it to… Continue reading

  • supercalifregilistic expialidocious

    new story! hahaha Interview with a Vampire. wahehe. major crap i know. hahaha, i’m a freak when it comes to harryXdraco. ooh, i watched interview in qtv last last night and that’s when the idea struck me! wala. i just took the title, it’s not going to be based on the movie. meeehhhn. hmmm. early… Continue reading