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Month: August 2006

  • ui.. thursday!

    hahaha wala akong magawa… tsk panu ba yan, tatlong buwan pa kong mabubulok dito sa kalalaba. hmmm… sa saturday, gateway with barkada! wuhooo… sa wakas, makakalabas din ako, although i have to stick with window shopping kasi arcade, pagkain at pamasahe lang ang gagastusan ko. bwahahahaaa… i’m not yet insane to go into a major…

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  • a good ten step slip

    there are many ways to describe a girl who just fell on a flight of stairs. a few would laugh at it and blame it on their stupid selves for wearing slippery slippers. some would stay numb for a while, then burst in a wail complaining they broke a nail. most would definitely stay motionless…

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  • vash stampede

    it’s a sunday, hooray! it’s our church’s 18th anniversary and all of us is celebrating. i presume we came in earlier than usual but we still ran out of chairs. it’s ok though, we didn’t end up standing anyway. we had a guest speaker today and i like him. he’s a former cheif of police…

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  • checking up on reviews

    i’m currently reading user reviews of creative muvo txfm (256 mb) mp3 player. i was thinking of buying it since it’s compact and handy. but mehn, i’m too confused. some reviewers say it easily dysfunctions after 4 months. some also say that it’s better than the ipod in terms of sound quality. ok, now what?…

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  • sidebar update!

    i just added ‘verse of the day’ right below my profile. hihi. love it. at least whenever i visit my site i’ll have something to ponder. i was actually thinking of just putting a ‘word of the day’ to enhance my vocabs but i thought i wouldn’t be too diligent with remembering it. a bible…

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  • everything becomes beautiful when you are doomed

    really now? okay, i won’t argue with the title because achilles said that. swwwoooooonnnnssss.i’m hopeless, i don’t think i could ever stop myself from biting my nails. apparently they’ve gone a deal shorter, again, due to my monster habit of biting them. so i’m a monster now, and monsters don’t usually explain themselves. so i’ll…

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