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Month: May 2006

  • who moved my cheese?

    it’s a book by.. i forgot. i just read it last night and it was super nice. you’ll learn a lot of things about change. yeah… it says there that you refer to “cheese” as your goal. sometimes when we’ve reached our goals we set out a wall around it and build our own comfort… Continue reading

  • bum.i sort of hate words that are overly repeated. words that are overused… like bum. unfortunately there isn’t any word good enough to describe me for this summer except for that.i was bloghopping minutes ago before i decided to blog for awhile things that are not really worth venting.i found out a pretty good site… Continue reading

  • carribean blue

    they say the sky high aboveis carribean blueeeeeee… i’m loving enya. i’m actually wondering if it’s a brain booster or something because everytime i listen to it while reading or studying, i think i can just sit there for the whole day and read. i definitely need that for college. my palm pilot is still… Continue reading

  • the big fuss about the da vinci code

    the bench……………chi code! i haven’t read the book and i haven’t watched the movie. a lot of people are affected by it, i don’t know why. i guess some are just too stupid to fall for a fiction novel. maybe that’s why, the publisher’s layout artist didn’t make that big and bold enough for people… Continue reading

  • drink moderately

    wOOt! i need coffee!!!! it’s been weeks since i last had a decent cup and it’s driving me nuts already. raaawwrrr! yesterday was fun! i went to jami’s house to swim! yeah, filthy rich! they have their own pool… with jacuzzi! we’re all five… jami, nez, ding, lau and i. 😀 the others can’t come,… Continue reading

  • bad news II

    aynaku… seriously i’m having a major college dilemma! magju-june na wala parin akong school. ang bobo ko talaga… apparently i didn’t make it to the qualified waitlisters because i was rank 12 and they only got 10 so i still have to wait until june 5 to see if someone backs out on the course.… Continue reading