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Month: March 2006

  • i'm gonna miss you all…

    our barkada party last night was great! it was held in inez’ tito’s house in bel air, makati. mehn, i sure overworked myself with the magicmic.. haha. it was my first time to play PS lol.. thanks to everyone who taught me the right buttons to push. =) i’m getting too old for that stuff.… Continue reading

  • 5 hours of what?

    whoa. biggest loser here… i left the grad ball at an ‘early’ time of 10pm. last year during the prom, i left the earliest too… may tawag dyan eh… anyway, i can’t say i didn’t enjoy it… i loved most of the food. i liked the blue drink too, whatever you call that. =)Bloomfields was… Continue reading

  • i wish..

    someday my being a coffee fan will bring me to do that Continue reading

  • i need a summer job

    right now i only have one application form from a nearby chain… still have to look for more. LoL. i’m excited to work, seriously… need to bend my business skills to earn and save money now that i’m still young. =) i’m afraid this summer will turn me into a major bum. then i’ll get… Continue reading

  • i did it my way

    i don’t really know what to write… i just feel like updating… like i always feel. =)today has been one of the most emotional days of our senior year. i recieved a couple of farewell gifts… thanks a lot. i still don’t know what to give you all… =( pichi, hindi ko maintindihan sulat mo…… Continue reading

  • how to endure graduation practices

    awhile ago’s encounter with our highschool teachers was very sentimental for almost everybody cried… except me. i just can’t bring out my tears, maybe i didn’t see the sentiment of the moment at that time. then they started hugging the teachers, i can’t do it. i just don’t want to. and in the end i… Continue reading