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Month: January 2006

  • oh hatred, what joy!

    currently listening to: footloose – kenny loggins i’ve been working so hardkeep punchin’ my card8 hours, for what? first the strain, and now the muscle painthe only inspiration i’m enjoying now is shanelife has been terribly annoyed at menow, there’s nothing left good enough to see i promised myself no starbucks till graduationi think that’d… Continue reading

  • DIY ok?

    one of things i learned about life is that it teaches you to become more and more tolerable to pain. life taught me not to cry for a long time because the more i cry the more i can’t concentrate on the solution. crying is a way of bringing out your emotions but it is… Continue reading

  • yeah shane

    i’m so into shane mccrutcheon right now. we just had our last recollection yesterday. it was really fun, it’s not mushy (just like how i want it to be) and both of my parents came. it made me feel extra blessed! i love them.i love my classmates. i’m going to miss pamayanan. as i’ve told… Continue reading

  • le odio

    you should know that. you’re getting a little too authorative now, y lo odio. i’m not bragging about it, you’re changed now. whatever, just do it your way. oh, and don’t do guilt trips on us, it will only work for those who can’t work without you. you’re annoying.maybe it looked obvious that i’m upset.… Continue reading

  • we had our last prosec fieldtrip awhile ago. i wasn’t excited about anything but starbucks. i am not enthused with the calorie-burning activites we had, in fact i was tortured in fitness first. i am bearing all the pain in my knee as we do the body balancing exercises. well at least i wasn’t in… Continue reading

  • traduccion terrible

    ugh. what a terrible translation. i was having fun with the google language toolbar awhile ago… in case you’re wondering where i got my pretty fluent (yet wrongly translated) spanish, it came from, yeah, the google language toolbar. i was rejoicing about pacman’s win against morales! this language toolbar turned me off when i suddenly… Continue reading