The Blahger

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Year: 2006

  • patching up

    i want someone to yell GET A LIFE in front of my face. if you notice, i’ve been blogging almost everyday since the christmas break… like i have a lot to tell when in fact nothing much is happening in my life. really. and i’m surprised that i actually managed to write something. hehehe. oh… Continue reading

  • each day has enough troubles on its own

    i’m starting to feel really odd about myself. i wish instead of being a rotten engineering student i should’ve pursued my abnormal fancy for computers and took, against all odds, computer science. it’s the only course i THINK i would enjoy despite its own antagonistic air. it’s the only course i THINK i would appreciate… Continue reading

  • oh the mood

    wee. nothing much. i just feel like blogging. like usual. warning: rants and raves on this particular entry are extremely shallow. read at your own risk. i’m not wearing my watch now. and i feel so weird and uncomfortable. i’ve grown accustomed to glancing at my right wrist every once in a while to check… Continue reading

  • ♦ ♥ ♠ ♣

    that’s actually an edited version. i dry-brushed it using photoshop to, hopefully, hide the erroneous mistakes i’ve made. like the face for instance. i haven’t drawn a decent face since… i can’t remember and i can’t seem to draw a decent face anymore. hahaha. that’s darna, if (how odd) you haven’t realized. i just copied… Continue reading

  • the big and the bang

    oh i love yesterday. barkada christmas party at hannah’s! karlita and i were the earliest to arrive, hence we’re the earliest to leave as well. i ate a lot, talked a lot and you know, laughed like a lunatic. i mean, they wouldn’t mind! they’re my friends! they know me! i’m really a monster in… Continue reading

  • ♥ ♥ ♥

    adsense alert!! would you believe, i’ve reached $19.92 already! aww… keep on clicking the google ads guys!! sometimes you have to risk disobeying your parents just to be with your friends. damn, right. my mom doesn’t want me to go to hannah’s house because someone told her it’s dangerous to go there at night. i’m… Continue reading