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Month: November 2005

  • rebisco crackers: 6% carbo 9% fat

    Apollo ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla currently feasting on crackers and coffee. sounds familiar? parang burol.oh well, i missed eating with my mom and dad awhile ago because i was watching frog prince then as a karma there’s no food left for me. bait talaga nila.…

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  • iyo kailan pa man

    watched y!speak awhile ago. saw ryan agoncillo again and again… =)the topic revolves around the rich and the poor…as much as i love watching debate programs, it still doesn’t show in my debate skills… steph will still wholeheartedly give me a 54%, whattabout. hmmm… i saw the dvd version of charlie and the chocolate factory…

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  • my grades aren't so bad =)

    at least that’s what i can say. i’m not very hard to please… as long as i don’t have a line of 7… i’m contented. =)my lowest is still pinoy.. 81. my highest is prosec… 96. i can’t believe it either… although it’s a minor subject i still can’t get over the fact that i…

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  • yay! friday nanaman!

    at last. i’m tired of walking around the highschool building corridors. not only it aggravates my knee pain but also because i don’t like bumping into people for the fear that they might hit my knee and… you know. i’m becoming so paranoid, i’m getting cramps often because my knee is very very fragile. my…

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  • cheer not

    i will not cheer anymore! in the first place, and honestly speaking, most of us take cheering as a last resort. you know what i mean, as for me… i don’t really have a choice. i’m not good in ball games, board games etc.. and i don’t think i’m worthy of a cheerer too.anyway, i…

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  • nocturnal mating

    a first year student once told me that cats mate during the night and we people hear them like they’re fighting. i think that’s exactly what i’m hearing right now, i don’t know what is it in cats, why do they have to make it sound like that? it’s disturbing and it doesn’t sound like…

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