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Month: October 2005

  • want some challenge?

    enter the CRIMSON ROOM it might not be new to you but in case you failed the last time yo you tried the room out, well maybe it’s your chance to be in the escapers list now.i got out, but i cheated. LoL, i don’t care… besides, i went as far as playing the movie…

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  • double mass.

    my parents think i’m becoming too smart because they always see me reading a new book once in a while and they’re complaining that the books i read are too dangerous for me. huh? i don’t think reading a story about a girl who decides to die but ended up breathing in the end is…

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  • questioning my religious upbringing

    i don’t know if i’ll still end up in heaven someday… that’s my ultimate dream you know!i’ve been a mega sinner.because of that my parents called for a bible study in our prayer sanctuary that i rarely visit… because it’s way on the top floor and i’m lazy.what’s wrong with me? i always pray at…

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  • a quickie post before frog prince

    start of sembreak!i’m not happy since i have a lot of shitloads to deal with, count the projects in… haay i wanna have my coffee treat already… =(oh yeah, sooner or later i’m gonna slash one item off my wishlist again!speak – lurie halse andersoni’m currently reading it… i borrowed the book from adrii would…

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  • grade booster huh?

    ok, i hope it’s not too late to share this but i find (found???) it really helpful. =) El Fili Study Notesoh well, look at me. i’m 9 years out of gradeschool and i always thought…lOl nevermind the math test was manageable, i’m expecting a high grade in my test because my quizzes are dragged…

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  • frog prince mania

    here is the link for my previous layouts. melodia04@blogskins i decided to make an archive of them in blogskins for other people to use… =) i’ll continue doing layouts for as long as i have the skill and the desire to do so… =) you can use some of them if you like.i haven’t uploaded…

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