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Month: September 2005

  • trying hard to be a good girl…

    LoL. i’m a super duper EVIL girl. mwhahahaaaa….i was never a good girl in the first place… i backstabb a lot, i gossip a lot and do a lot of MORE ghastly things than those… and i don’t care. no… i actually care but i care less though…brrrr… i’m so BAD!! and yet happy when… Continue reading

  • we have a winneeeeerrrr!!

    oohh… my certain knack of generosity surfaced again! for the third time namigay ulit ako ng 2 hours free prisontale gametime!LoL… masaya kaya! it’s like being a host of a contest show! hehe… ayun… the 3rd email-er gets the price so congratulations sa winner! ayun… masaya. i’m really a cramming diva! actually most of my… Continue reading

  • kulaytuldok

    we got our gradpics na! yay! er.. m not really that excited over my pic eh kasi nakita ko na yun kaso it’s just bigger, duh. oh my, i seriously like the contact prints better than the enlarged and final copies. you see when you enlarge it you’ll see more details therefore you’re sure to… Continue reading

  • we're going out tomorrow!

    yay! it’s our prosec field trip tomorrow! we’ll be learning stuff about fine-dining and some other make-up application tips… something like that. something girly! haha… PHYSICS awhile ago was super fun! i mean, i almost laughed the whole period! everybody else naman eh, pero lam nyo yun… saya. sakit sa cheeks and stomach.. nakakiyak toh…… Continue reading

  • go sixtreme!

    i finally got over the hook of the thought that our batch name is er, uncool and totally not out of the norm. well, it’s simply because there’s more to us than the batch name itself. plus, it’s definitely gazzilion times better than ‘six-boom-batch’! no offense to those who thought hard on that, i found… Continue reading

  • i want a cupofrappuccino

    today we woke up 3am para ihatid si terai sa uplb. damn i was still so sleepy but i couldn’t pass out from the chance of travelling even for just four hours. so i dressed up and got ready. anyhow. there starts our journey to los banos. if you were in my place and you’re… Continue reading