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Month: August 2005

  • do you want a money spell?

    awhile ago my dad and i went to fcm to have my picture taken. i’m so late for the ust requirements damn… then we fetched mom’s cl othes in metropole, bought ice cream from the ice cream store sa regalado and went home. =)i’ll be doing a lot of things later! haha… but currently i’m…

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  • a big "sigh" to end the day

    haaaayyyywe had another practice awhile ago. it was damn tiring… i actually want to sympathize with the eco song singers for they have another practice to attend… buti na lang hindi ako pumasa…-_-;; gayon paman… malungkot pero bahala na si Lord! after ng practice… sumabay na lang ako kina k.a. … baba sa convergy’s para…

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  • meet emerson spartz

    try reading this he is just unbelievable. that’s why i like him.i’ve never known a fan being greatly recognized by his idols. and FYI, through a website. how comeeee???i’m getting envious but then, he’s just way better than i am in expressing his devotion. someday… i will be successful in creating a fansite!!!!i want to…

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  • what now?

    i’m bored. i want to do something!no, not that project! i’ll finish it tomorrow cos i have too much grudges to hold against our teacher that i certainly DON’T want to follow any of her instructions even if it risks my grades! if only i’m working alone then she would feel how much i loathe…

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  • dead tired

    so tired. grrr.anyway.. i wish i could post some screenshots from the int’l trailer of harry potter i downloaded, unfortunately i don’t know how to…don’t suggest the ‘print screen’, it won’t work. it’s kai’s birthday today!!!happy birthday! i’m really sorry that i can’t have the day off for your birthday treat. happy birthday! oh, today…

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