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Month: July 2005

  • bored

    i think i’m bored… or am i just too lazy to do things?if i’m bored then that means i have nothing to do and i want to do something… but in this case i have a lot of things to do but i’m not doing them which leaves me with nothing to do and yes… Continue reading

  • dreams…

    thank God it’s Friday…you know what, i have 2 dreams to shareone is good…the other bad… the bad one first… i forgot to pray last night so maybe that’s the reason why i had a creepy dream.i was with my family.. blahblahblah… and we’re situated near a lake or something… we’re in a mountain… in… Continue reading

  • finally…

    ateneo essay done, indian song done!yey! but still, i can’t promise myself a stress free week, and month! since we have to focus on the entrance tests…-_-;; but anyway, i’m just glad that things are finally over!we didn’t win the song competition but i got over that fast because our class won the over-all winner… Continue reading

  • what to write! what to write?!!!

    i’m getting a little hysteric around here… asking people, “sa tingin mo anong nakapagbago saken?” and stuff like “ikaw, anong nakapag change ng life mo?” hoping that i’ll get a potential (when i write that, i’m actually thinking of making up another lie..tsk) answer but no!tss… that significant thing that change my life… as in… Continue reading

  • traffic

    commonwealth is so congested awhile ago! it’s a big NO-NO to go out, really.. i mean that’s why it’s a holiday! to relax yourself and listen to Gloria’s 23 minute speech and not go out at all! unfortunately, we had to do some business and that business needs a wide commonwealth avenue to pass by…-_-;;… Continue reading

  • politics…*sigh*

    whew. yay! no classes tomorrow! haha… SONA day! hehe…rest day!haay, i think i have to listen to what PGMA’s about to say… i haven’t been hearing from her lately and God knows how i want to hear her side on the gloriagate tape… we all don’t want to depend on rumors right? we want answers… Continue reading