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Month: March 2005

  • hey albert!

    “Talking to yourself proves you are a genius. Answering yourself proves you’re insane.” – Albert Einstein so i am literally insane… thankyou thankyou…*bows* sigh… i wonder where random poets get the blow of appreciating a piece of poem that is not made with enough effort? you see i was browsing some poems in fictionpress and… Continue reading

  • so it's fake…

    darn… all this time i thought it’s the real thing… arrgghhh…NEWS! finish na ko mag read ng HP6 (supposedly) but unfortunately i realized na hindi pala sha half-blood prince nor any of the previous books… ang layo kasi ng story sa title eh.. pero anyway… supper ganda parin ng plot…^^;; LoL! i love you MALFOY!… Continue reading

  • i need to lose weight!

    and to start that off… taebo in the morning plus no rice for the whole summer.this is what you call… SUICIDAL DIET!LoL.. pero i’m not exactly starving, i’m exhausted… kakapagod mag taebo seryoso… and it’s my 3rd day of doing to this… masaya… accomplishment ung no rice for the whole day no.. hayy…nung first day… Continue reading

  • oh well…

    i got the hang of hp6 na at last… LoL… can’t resist talaga… pero…basta… the ‘ring of the ancients’ (ano, can relate ba?) is really similar to to Frodo’s ring in LoTR… LoL.. wala lang… yey! we’re going to EK! soon! maybe late april or early may.. haha basta.. and it’s FREE! for some conditions/requirements… Continue reading

  • funny…

    the only interesting range of channels in global destiny is from 6-46… pero not all are included, eto lang…abs, gma, nick, disney, discovery travel and living, hbo, hallmark, china hollywood, v, mtv phil….un lang! as in yun na yun lang tinitingnan ko…pero as i browsed our tv from start to end, i found something interesting…… Continue reading

  • who's sick?

    LoL.. i’m still sick.. pero hello.. how can i resist the temptation of pushing that computer switch on, type my password, and log in the net?i cannot easily resist the temptation of opening the computer even just for the sake of updating my crazy mind with harry potter and the half-blood prince (which could turn… Continue reading