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Month: January 2005

  • La Femme Musketeer

    just finished watching a movie from the medieval times of King Louie. Thanks to a.p. i could relate with such a confusing plot. La Femme Musketeer in Hallmark. rection: ang gwapo ni gaston ^^;; astig ni valentine bakla si louie bwisit si lady bolton yun lang. hay…wala ako makita pics i casper zafer as gaston.… Continue reading

  • 50 Beetle Cars

    future book in progress. imagine. sick and patethic arianne tries to write a book. we’ll see what’ll happen. it’s no big deal if i write. no one will notice anyway. -_-;; the reason for this post is to update you that… lalala… i’m writing again. and yah… 50 Beetle Cars.. not catchy? get out. it’s… Continue reading

  • BARIE ROCKS! agen agen…

    gud afternoon.. Praise God! even though i’m suffering from a kind of mild agony brought to me by my monthly visitor.. he still gave me a way to enjoy this day.. and that is.. successfully downloading LIMEWIRE. LoL… ang tagal talaga… kkinip.. pero worth it naman… in relation to the title. here’s a first time… Continue reading

  • barbie rocks!

    eto nnaman akooooo… thinking about barbie’s cradle… how true is it na they’re gonna play sa band aid… sannnaaaaa… suppperrr saannnaaaa pumunta silaaaaa… haha… im not xited on bamboo or sponge or kung cno paman ang tutugtog.. i want BARBIE! i sooo love barbie’s cradle.. wahahahaaa… should i consider myself an avid fan? not having… Continue reading

  • woohooooo!!

    ang galing galing ng kalayaaaannnn!!! we won!! woohoooo… hurray hurray hurrayyy!! ok..done. haha tsk… cramming divas yeheeeyyy… sooooonnn..very soooonnn… i’ll have my own ‘playing in the fields’… ico-copy ako ni adri! yehey.. haha.. ang cheap ba? why can’t i buy my own copy? wala akong pera… 250 bucks, for me, is hard to save.. i… Continue reading

  • magandang gabiiiI!!!! 🙂

    good evening! haha… i’m now fully recovered from the blogging fever (as far as i can tell)… haha… i can now tolerate myself from excessive posting each day… ahaha… labo. hmmm… LoL… i’m having a hard time scanning the field trip + manila bay pics… coz i insist on having a 100 dots per unit… Continue reading