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Year: 2005

  • 168

    yesterday we went to 168 to shop for pants (majorly). my mom was thinking of leaving me at home since i could be a burden if i keep on reminding them to walk slower coz i can barely follow them because of my knee.oh well, in the end they just let me go. kuya kaloy… Continue reading

  • Cash pours in for student with $1 million Web idea – abscbn news

    read articleenter the million dollar homepage Continue reading

  • i wanna be myself

    sometimes i’m thinking if all this time i’m not being myself. i don’t think i really know who i am. i’m still wondering… when do you become YOU?ngek. ewan. bsta… it feels like i’m nothing but a bandwagon-er. i just follow, i don’t set anything to be followed or something. what a loser.i do hate… Continue reading

  • living dead dolls

    LIVING DEAD DOLLSthe deader the better… welcome to the graveyard. as creepy as it sounds.. go figure… nothing angelic duh, purely devilishjust retail dolls. chaka-like dolls.. scary dolls… i especially liked the doll names and the story of the morticians (webmasters) there’s Demonique and Mildread, Arachne and Wolfgang. hehe… i don’t feel the year of… Continue reading

  • advanced happy new year…

    kumusta naman na bagsak ako sa lasalle?hehe… ayus lang… pass or fail, i won’t go there anyway… pero sana man lang napasa ko!ang bobo ko na palaaaaa…sooobbrraaa… i mean, mahirap naman talaga eh… and i thought i was smart…but i guess i’m not smart enough for the test… mehn. oh god, ang yabang ko.. sige… Continue reading

  • on the mushy side

    i found this thing somewhere and it’s sweet… “love is not about finding someone you can live with but it’s about finding someone you can’t live without” clique? another thing… “i dont like you, cause i love you i dont want you, cause i need you.i wouldnt cry for you, cause i will die for… Continue reading