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Tuck Everlasting…

i am a self-claimed writer of motivation.. so i only write good pieces when i’m really inspired and stuff.. and at this moment.. i am!


tuck everlasting.. in my own words.

by arianne ^_^

The summers have gone by so fast

Like the spinning wheel of time;

Your love for me have not yet faded away

Like a piece of plastic rose mingled with the fresh ones

You haven’t changed a bit like what I expected

And kept your promise well from the day we parted

It was many many years ago. As far as my mind could recall. I was wearing a breezy tight crosette. Locked in a castle in the middle of a forest. A princess you could consider me to be. With an uncontented feeling that must be filled urgently. Like a bird in a cage I feel lonely and blue. Wishing for an adventure beyond the ocean’s violent waves.

Time goes by, my rebellion seems to vanish. Until my keepers decided to put me into a place. A place I knew I don’t belong to. A place where my life would be spoiled to the highest level of boredom. A place I’ll never experience something I craved for so long.


So I ran selfishly in the woods, shielding myself from the thick sharp branches on the way. Not noticing the path I ought to take awhile ago. And I was lost, trapped, between the forbidden trees. This is the first time I felt insecure with something I own.

I become tired, slowed down my pace, hearing nothing but the sound of the tattering leaves I stepped upon.

Then I found a man, refreshing himself with the water from the small spring down the big old oak tree. I felt relieved, a companion at last. I watched him take gulps of water and then took another handful of it to wash his face. He felt my presence and stood up, eyed me curiously and asked,

“What are you doing here?”

I said I was just wandering around the woods. But he replied, “Go home now, you shouldn’t be in this part of the forest.”

“I would, if only I knew the way back.” is what i said.

She offered his help, and decided to bring me back home.

—-ok ok… stop that!—-

look, this would really be a big stupid cliffhanger if you are, by now, interested in knowing the whole story… try searching na lng… the movie is entitled ‘ Tuck Everlasting’ –it’s a disney production and is based on a book my natalie ?? (4got the surname)- ‘tuck everlasting’…

it’s a really great movie! and i hereby include it to my list of favorite movies which includes just a few: harry potter123, the net and TUCK EVELASTING! … i promise this would go fetch your tears out and well it down before you even noticed. the ending is really sad.. parang endless love! pero ok lng… though it triggered my sniff moments… oh darn.

ung ending! kasi c jessie tuck.. nakainom na sha ng water form the fountain of youth (w/c means he’ll never die).. and he states that he’s 104yrs old.. haha.. tapos e mron shang loved one.. c winifred foster. since kelangan nilang malayo dahil tinulungan ni winie na makatakas ung mother ni jessie sa dapat bbtayin, they promised to love each other forever. sabi ni jessie tuck, “drink from the spring, and wait for me here, i’ll come back for you” tapos nung ppaalis na sila sumigaw c jessie ng


shet.. naiyak ako dyan.. *sniff*

tapos kinabukasan namatay ung lola ni winie, shempre and pinaka nalungkot ung mother dear nya. napagisip ni winie, i’f she’ll drink from the spring, she’ll also watch her mother die. tapos nagkakaroon ng conradiction b/w what jessie told him and the agony of watching everybody die before you while you’re enjoying what seems to be eternal life. she was in the spring by then.. and decided to ———– (malalaman nyo rin mmya!)haha… evil me!

all of the happenings ay isang malaking flashback! and here’s how the modern days went:

jessie tuck, fulfilling his promise to go back for winifred foster ventured down the the forest for their house. he found it, looked around and saw a gravestone:

~in loving memory~



after all, she did wait for him, only dead and she didn’t drink from the spring. -_- naku.. grabeh.. sobrang iyak na iyak ako! haay buhay! i watched it twice, during the original viewing sa disney channel chka ung replay nung sunday afternoon.

poor jessie, he’ll have to carry on with his life without his beloved winie… haaayyy… movies.. yeah right.

and you know what? i just noticed jessie tuck in real life is jonathan jackson.. i reapeat jonathan JACKSON (jurassic park3, a walk to remember etc..)!!!! haha.. un kasi ung nasa graveyard eh.. so ok parin.. what a treat.