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Month: September 2004

  • senti moment and the damn cheering practice

    hmm… senti kasi ung music sa naruto shet… nkksenti.. wierd symbols… kya di ko alam ung title… anyways. un na un… eh eto pa… i didn’tknow na may cheering practice kami today.. so un.. i even told larz na walang dapat dalin na sports attire ksi walang cheering (that’s what i knew b4)… edi un..… Continue reading

  • sunday nnman…

    haayy… i’m so tired… yesterday was our 3rd ga (5566 fc)… i didn’t stay long.. i just got the-supposed-to-be funland kit… the shirt was ok.. it’s black with the animated faces of the 5566 members.. and i’m wondering why there’s only four of them when they’re originally five? and goodness… it’s free size!! so.. how… Continue reading

  • tgif..

    hello… haynaku.. pagod na ko.. -_-… cge nxt tym na lng.. ongap la bukas na ung ga naming sa acacia blg. greenhills… la pa ko kasama… anyway.. bblisan ko na lang… ^_^ Continue reading

  • thank GOD it's friday…

    haayyy… super tiring ng araw na toh! well.. we just had 4 quizzes, health, ap, the, trigo.. tapos marami pa sa susunod… haayyy.. pagod na ko sa kakaaral… ika nga ng isang blogskin na nkita ko. “the more you study, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more yo forget, the more you… Continue reading

  • club day nnaman!!

    kauuwi ko lng galing skul. club namin kanina… i thought our presentation was a disaster but… feel ko ok lng… if not for one violin who keeps on ruining the mood. oh NERO! kung ikaw lang ang kagroup ni jack cguro pinapatay mo na sha! pero good LORD at kami ang ka group nya…hindi namin… Continue reading

  • darn day…

    now i have to suffer a triggered amount of sickness…darn tlga… i hate cheering actually.. i just can’t admit it to our ‘dear’ cheerleaders. oh well, looks like we have to lie even once. so there, we had our cheering practice, i was soo tired my voice is really croaky now, my flu is getting… Continue reading